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PMP Proacting Management Partner GmbH

Welcome to Proacting Management Partner

We concentrate on solving your problems
PMP Proacting Management Partner Ltd. is an innovative consulting enterprise whose clients are above all medium-sized and large family and owner-managed businesses. The branches we have specialized in are health-care, the consumer goods industry and the metal and plastics processing industry.

Since we know the market environment and have a varied experience in it, our team of consultants offers you practice-orientated, professional and efficient solutions. All our consultants have good practical experience and have been successful in their economic career.

We offer highly competent consulting in the following sectors:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • advice in succession problems for family-owned businesses
  • reorganisation and restructuring
  • interim management
  • business development
  • financial advise

Just ask for our advice and take advantage of the practical expertise we offer in many branches of industry, of our consistent aim to make practice-orientated solutions and of our great international network.


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Proacting sets up new office in Southern Westphalia



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