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PMP Proacting Management Partner GmbH

Cooperation with partners to be more successful
Many requests are very complex and require the expert knowledge of well experienced consultants. Problems can only be solved successfully if there is good cooperation of excellent and experienced specialists. Therefore, if necessary and if the client wishes, Proacting Management Partner cooperates with professional companies of great reputation in the field of audit, taxation advice, consulting in legal and bankruptcy matters, human resources consulting, management consulting and rating advisory.

We also have a great network of investors, lenders and financial institutions such as private equity and venture capital firms, commercial and private banks, investment banks, equity investment companies, factoring companies, leasing companies, private investors and family offices.

The close network of experienced specialists, investors and banks, with whom we have been working in a confidential and successful cooperation for years, is a key element to effective solutions for our clients.

We pool the resources of specialists in different fields and industries and, if necessary, use them all to find the best possible solutions for our clients.


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Proacting sets up new office in Southern Westphalia



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